sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012


Livin' in slow motion
waiting for a disaster
one day closer
hoping to be another, day another day..

I wish that you
could realize your every child wishes
I wish that I
could be your chearming prince
I know God
Will protect us from our fears
I wish I could compensate you
for everyone of your tears
I really do, do have a lot to tell you
I do have, I do got so mutch to say
but you left, and I
Still want to do things right today

oh the river seems do deep
and time runs so fast
sure i'm yours to keep
we can reach Zion if we forget the past

Smoke rises as our eyes open
we take this palace keys
it lights our minds
cause our hearts beat for the streets

2012-06-13 01:37 a.m

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