segunda-feira, 22 de novembro de 2010


She cry's in the stairs , poor girl
her baby in her arms , she's only 20 years old.
All she wants is to runaway
cause this house is not a home, thats not ok:
Her body has been beaten , soul has been broken
the baby boy almost died a million times, so mutch unspoken
cocaine in the closet, daddy is smokin'
did all the crimes , did all the wrong things
said all the lies , sold their wedding rings.
Stoled a house today, was a dealer today
did a lot but is wasnt' a labor day.
All those pimps , all those whores , dealers inside her home..
yeah, she's leaving - byebye , shalom.
I cried with you that night
that was our life , our daily panorama
i love you , dear mamma


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